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After Care Routine

Precautionary measures are to be taken while the System X coating settles and strengthens. It is about 2-3 days. 

Climatic conditions might affect the time for settling of the coating over the vehicle. Usually, it might take two to three days. But during this time, it is important to provide special care. Be careful and try to prevent hard water spots on the vehicles. They are very difficult and costly to remove. Even though the coating you apply on the vehicle is hydrophobic, water spots can get onto the surface causing spots on the surface.

What can be done?

  1. Are you planning on parking your vehicle under that tree shade? Think of it again! Do you want your car coating getting ruined with the droplets from the tree?
  2. Ignoring the spots caused due to bird droppings and other things like pollen can leave stubborn marks on your vehicle. Take care of all such things.
  3. Don’t wash or do anything that can cause scratching or scribble over the freshly applied paint.
  4. Never let any of the above-mentioned things to get accumulated on your paint. If you notice them, remove them according to our guidelines. If you have any queries, do contact us.
  5. Be very gentle for the initial days when the car is fragile with the new coating over it. Try to avoid any sort of harshness on it. 

How can I wash my car?

  1. Keep your car clean. Do not allow dirt to build up and make it hard for removal.
  2. And while washing your car, do not wash it under harsh sunlight as there are more chances of causing water spots due to it.
  3. Always tackle the dirtiest part last so that you don’t mix up the clean parts with them. 
  4. While washing, do not use the same bucket of soap water for all the parts of your vehicle. 
  5. Do not use the same sponge for your wheels, glass and other parts. Be wise enough to change the water after it gets dirty. 
  6. Also, be gentle with the glasses and windows. No harsh scrubbing over it.

How Should you dry your car after washing it?

  1. Drying is the most vital process after washing. Ensure that the car dries properly or else it will leave water stains on it causing the whole purpose of washing go in vain.
  2. Using a microfiber towel is a very good practice to avoid any sort of harsh scratches or marks which could be created on your vehicle. Do not rub vigorously to clean the car. Instead, use a gentle dabbing method to absorb the water.

How to tackle water spots on your car?

  1. A big no to all the harsh chemical products available in the market for this purpose. The coating on your car should be treated properly.
  2. Do not use extensive power to clean the vehicle. Be gentle while cleaning it. 
  3. Keep your car clean by timely checking it for any bird residue or any other kind of dust accumulated on it. Your car’s surface should be cleaned properly from time to time. 

How to maintain the interiors?

  1. Interiors of the car give life to your vehicle. Keeping it clean is the unsaid rule of car care. 
  2. Try to clean your car interiors with leather/vinyl-friendly products frequently.
  3. Vacuum your car every week. Do not neglect any small ducts or vents. The fabric in your car should be maintained with utmost cleanliness.
  4. In case of any accidental spills over the fabric or leather, do not wait to clean it on your next cleaning day. Instantly wipe it to avoid any stains.
  5. Clean the carpets frequently. They can get stained easily as well as hoard a lot of dust in them. Regular cleaning by steaming it or simple shampoo washing will help your car smell better.

Things to know!

  1. Always go touchless car washes whenever possible. If it is hand wash, ensure you choose a good place for it.
  2. If cleaning the car at home, try to use mild car wash soap. And while drying use nothing other than a micro-fibre towel for washing and drying.
  3. Always wash in an area of shade rather than under screeching sunlight.
Use clean brushes and towels to clean your car. Don’t use harsh towels. Do not use any kind of scrubs which might cause scratches. Be very choosy while buying things to wash your car if you are doing it at home.

Quick Care tips 

How do I clean the surface?

System X is excessively smooth, this implies most things will get dissolved and be pulled off by System X’s self-cleaning effect. Use water or a little vinegar to remove bird droppings, bugs, and tree sap. Followed by wiping it off with a soft edge-less microfiber towel.

How should I wash it?

Generally, you should wash it at least once/twice a month depending upon your feasibility. Take into consideration your car’s exterior, if it has more dirt on it, clean it without much delay. 

And always use premium quality products to clean and wash your car. Soap, shampoo and microfiber should be of good quality.

While using a brush, ensure that it is not too harsh on the surface of your car. Be aware that the cleaners you should use need to be of decent quality.

Different sections of your car need a different kind of cleaning. Some areas are too fragile and need very gentle cleaning. For some other greasy regions, you should clean it accordingly.

What are the ways to wash my car? 

Basic Home techniques 

At home, you can make use of a good quality shampoo or foam gun or soap to do the cleaning.

Use microfiber towels to wash and then use a hose to wash it off and then dry clean it with microfiber towels again. 

High pressure washes at home 

If you have a high-pressure pipe at home then definitely go for it. Soap or shampoo your car, and then rinse it off with the high-pressure wash. Your car will good as new.

How to dry my car? 

System X Renew is a great product to use. First, use this product, wipe using a damp microfiber towel and then use the second towel to complete the drying process.

Going for the air-drying method can be really a bad idea as there are high chances that it might cause white spots on the surface of the car.

And as we have repeatedly pointed out, always use good quality micro fibre towels than any other cloth that might cause harsh scratches on the car.

How to remove spots from the car surface? 

Use gentle pressure while cleaning spots from the surface of the car. 

Do not use excessive force to remove spots from the surface as that might lead to unnecessary scratches over the surface.

How to take care after washing?

Do not wax the coating, many products contain solvents and abrasives. System X Renew is the suggested maintenance and aftercare product. Choose this product and to buy it contact your local shop or online.

Automated Washing

Going for automated washing is always a good idea. The touch-free automated washing is an ideal solution available.

System X takes nearly 3 days to acquire full hardness. Meanwhile, you need to handle it with utmost care and never wash the vehicle for the first 2 weeks.

Frequent Examinations

The vehicle needs to be examined properly every year. There can be many issues with it. So, for a safer side, it is advised to have a detailed review of your car every year. The coating on the vehicle needs to be checked. 

Check for the warranty and when it expires, keep that in mind and send your vehicle for its routine checks to enable better functioning and a better life. These yearly assessments ensure ultimate gloss and protection from System X coatings on your vehicle.

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