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Interior Cleaning/Steam Cleaning

Generally, when we say interior cleaning or steam cleaning, it is mostly in the case of fabrics. This kind of intensive cleaning mechanism is used mainly to eradicate any sort of stinky odour as well as stubborn stains on fabrics. We, at Menora, provide one of the finest interior cleaning and steam cleaning services. We use the best quality products from Automagic Professional Car Care. The fabric and carpet cleaners, vinyl/leather cleaners, wheels/tyre cleaners, engine cleaners, and glass/window cleaners are all done using rich products to get premium results. The most common use for a car cleaner is on the upholstery. It allows repairing the car interior without causing any damage. Interior steam cleaning is also a very good solution to clean your dirty car. It uses different nozzles to pick up dirt and dust from hard-to-reach areas like air vents, footwells, and the small spaces between your dashboard buttons. Even if you are a car-lover who takes care of your car very well by proper and regular dusting or wiping, many spaces get missed out. When you choose steam cleaning, it cleans your car deeply and covers almost all the spots which you might have nearly missed.
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