Menora We2 Services

Other Important Services

Exterior wash and dry : This washing and drying process is done by hand. The detailer will spray and wipe down the body of the car with specialized products. This includes hand washing the rims, door handles, and glass.

Paint Claying : A clay bar is utilised to release any impurities, overspray, or residue left after the car has been washed.
Claying results in a cleaner and softer surface, and aids improve the efficacy of polish and wax.

Polishing : Polishing buffs an abrasive compound onto the car’s paint to release small layers of clear coat. This causes small scratches and swirls in the paint to disappear.

Sealing or Waxing : To provide the car with a glossy shine and to add a shielding layer to the car’s paint, an adhesive is applied. In some cases, wax is used.

Vacuuming : Seats, carpets and mats, headliner, rear cargo area, and trunk are vacuumed to clean waste.

Scrubbing and Brushing : This is done to remove stains on floor carpets and mats in the car.

Steam Cleaning : Steam cleaning is a more effective method of removing tough stains on carpets and seats.

Glass Cleaning : Cleaning the windshield and windows.
Leather Trimming : A leather cleaner and soap are used to clean any leather parts in the vehicle.

Perfuming : Spraying a deodorant into the interior of a car to leave the car smelling clean and new.

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